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Tyre Recycling and Part Worn Tyre processing

Welcome to www.MTRBristol.co.uk and www.scrap-cars-and-tyre-recycling.co.uk the leading experts in Tyre Recycling, Tyre Collection, Tyre Baling, Part Worn Tyre and New Tyre sales in the Bristol area.

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National waste tyre collection service. Mtr Bristol Ltd.

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Scrap Car processing and Purchase of  Scrap Cars for Cash

We are also one of  Bristol's leading vehicle dismantlers and salvage experts. Recently established as a new and progressive company, our site in the heart of Bristol is ideally situated for easy access and offers a professional and progressive scrapping service. We offer extremely competitive rates on the purchase of scrap cars for cash and in addition to car scrapping we can provide a wide range of used car spares.

tyre baler baling used tyres

   end of life tyres ready for tyre recycling  

Authorised Treatment Facility

MTR Bristol is a leading recognised ATF facility in the Bristol Area. UK and European directives mean that upto 80% of a vehicle should be reused or recycled. Unlike traditional scrap yards, MTR Bristol has state-of-the-art de-pollution and vehicle handling systems and equipment to achieve a high level of recyclability. We are recognised by the Department of the Environment and are on the Public Register of Authorised Scrap Car Treatment Facilities.

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Producer Hazardous Waste Registration NumberNTJ027
Waste Permit Number EPR/FP3196SL
Waste Carriers Licence CB/NN5775DS

Tyre recycling and national waste tyre collection specialists . MTR Bristol collect waste tyres , buy scrap cars for cash and bale waste tyres .