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MTR Bristol Tyre Recycling and
Authorised Treatment Facility

Based in the heart of Bristol we are one of Bristol's largest Tyre Recycling, Vehicle Dismantlers and Salvage Experts.

Our site in the centre of Bristol has quickly established us as a leader in the tyre recycling,
used tyre, salvage and breaking business.
 Processing many vehicles per week on site we maintain a large stock of  many thousands of Used Tyres.
MTR Bristol additionally holds a good stock of car spares and used / lightly damaged cars.


Fully licensed Tyre Recycling Centre.
Authorised Treatment Facility for End of Life Vehicles.
Friendly Professional Service.
Dedicated Parts Department.
Supplier of cheap superior quality used tyres.
Supplier of cheap new tyres.


MTR Bristol Ltd is proud to be a recognised ATF. UK and European directives mean that between 74% and 80% of a vehicle should be reused or recycled. Unlike smaller operators and traditional scrap yards, MTR Bristol Ltd has state-of-the-art de-pollution and vehicle handling systems and equipment, and is recognised by the Department of the Environment in addition to being on the Public Register of Authorised Treatment Facilities.


                  Mtr Bristol Authorised Treatment Facility.

Operating Standards
Our modern professional operation is subject to all relevant directives including

Mtr Bristol Authorised Treatment Facility.


Tyre collection and waste tyre recycling at MTR Bristol .co.uk